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  • admin wrote a new post, Map an Exoplanet 4 days ago

    In honor of the discovery announced today of 7 Earth sized planets around Trappist-1, three of which are in the habitable zone.

    Could do the map many ways from a space map to a region map, geological formation or […]

  • A simple idea….

    Pick a painting – any kind of painting, as long as its hanging in a gallery somewhere and not just something you doodled on your notebook during a particularly boring seminar, and use the basic […]

  • Map a colony…

    List of ideas:

    Termite hill
    Ants nest
    Wild bee hive
    Wasp nest
    Alien hive
    Dragon weir
    Bird colony
    Coral reef
    Rabbit/Meerkat warren

    Simple poll – please vote either way 🙂

  • This one requires the mapper to create a setting where the dance takes place as well as find a way to mark the moves of the dance n the ‘dance floor’, whether that be a group of country dancers doing a barn dance […]

  • I just had the most crazy mapping dream I’ve ever had. There was a competition held by the local council to draw a map of Weymouth showing its history and development. In the dream my entry was an animated map […]

  • GUILD CITY COMMUNITY PROJECT – MAIN INDEX (with current city statistics)

    Position (screen shot from Guildworld):

    Current Plan by J.Edward. (Proposed main roads, city walls and castle site added by […]

  • A very simple idea, with an enormous range of possible interpretations.

    Before I came here the first time, Ladiestorm once described the Guild to me as being like a vast virtual city where all the artists and […]

  • Every dastardly plan needs a map. Whether it’s a building plan for a bank job or a castle map for a kidnapping attempt, or a city map showing the best getaway route after stealing three Mars Bars and a Curly Wurly […]

  • I have seen a great many maps with beautiful oceans, lakes and rivers depicted in so many different styles and colours, but not very many where the water is the dominant feature of importance. The idea I have has […]

  • I have always thought it would be neat to see how people would “modify” flesh out an Existing Map.
    I think it would be cool…If a Map of a Location was Supplied and then everyone..added the Props.

    The Layout […]

  • Having a kid has changed a lot about how I see the world and reminding me how I used to see the world when I was driven more by imagination than bills and responsibilities. Even when gaming, I don’t think many of […]

  • Pick a landscape/scenery painting, photomanip, or rendering that inspires you to create a map!

    Example 1:
    Cartographer #1 is inspired by FROSTBURN_cover art by albino-z and maps a battlemap of a snowy/winter […]

  • Would anyone like to draw a map of the different levels in a battleship, the way you would map a house or a dungeon, as a battle map?

    You could set a time period, eg tudor war ship, or future star ship.

    Or would […]

  • Would anyone like to draw a map of the different levels in a battleship, the way you would map a house or a dungeon, as a battle map?

    You could set a time period, eg tudor war ship, or future star ship.

    Or would […]

  • I was making some colour palettes this evening and thought it might be fun to do a challenge where you’re given a selection of predefined palettes.

    For example:

    1- You then choose just one of those palettes and […]

  • Plumbers earn a fortune. Skilled workers, particularly in the manual field are almost always well paid, and can earn significantly more than most people think. The nature of the business means that there will […]

  • Today, way too many people are looking for the quick and easy route to success in mlm network marketing…and everything else in life. Here are the facts… there is no magic bullet! In this article, I will […]

  •  THE Turnbull Government has put the brakes on a fast train along Australia’s East Coast, saying it won’t bite the bullet on funding because the sheer cost doesn’t make it “a sensible priority”.Major Projects M […]

  • A skill is the learned capacity to carry out pre-determined results often with the minimum outlay of time, energy, or both. Skills can often be divided into domain-general and domain-specific skills. For example, […]

  • Finance Homework Help covers subjects with an approach that will help you develop your ability to concentrate so that you can score better. All experts at Finance Homework Help work in accordance to the […]

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