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Map an Exoplanet

In honor of the discovery announced today of 7 Earth sized planets around Trappist-1, three of which are in the habitable zone.

Could do the map many ways from a space map to a region map, geological formation or even an imaginary civilization of any sort on the exoplanet. Could incorporate all styles from hand drawn to 3d modeling.

Could be interesting with a different palette for "natural" colors of the world and how its depicted.

Map a Dance

This one requires the mapper to create a setting where the dance takes place as well as find a way to mark the moves of the dance n the ‘dance floor’, whether that be a group of country dancers doing a barn dance in an actual barn, a group of ladies and gents doing the tango in a stately ballroom, or a pagan dance of druids at Stonehenge under the moonlight.

The important part is the setting, and the fact that the dance steps must somehow be shown in the map so that a novice can learn to dance the dance 🙂

Simple yes/no vote – please vote

Thank you 🙂

Map a Colony

Map a colony…

List of ideas:

Termite hill
Ants nest
Wild bee hive
Wasp nest
Alien hive
Dragon weir
Bird colony
Coral reef
Rabbit/Meerkat warren

Simple poll – please vote either way 🙂

Map a Painting

A simple idea….

Pick a painting – any kind of painting, as long as its hanging in a gallery somewhere and not just something you doodled on your notebook during a particularly boring seminar, and use the basic objects of its composition (the lines and shapes) as a composition basis for a map.

For example if you want to map a segment of a modern city you could use a Piet Mondrian , or a Picasso to give you the basic layout of the city streets and blocks, or if you wanted to map a region you could use something by Turner or Van Gogh to set the position of your mountains, rivers and forests.

The only thing with this idea is that it would be safer to hyperlink to an existing webpage showing your chosen picture rather than ‘borrowing’ it to re-upload here for copyright reasons – though I don’t think there’s a copyright on borrowing a compositional structure from a painting as long as you acknowledge the resulting map was inspired by… etc 🙂

Simple poll again – yes or no 🙂

Animated Map

I just had the most crazy mapping dream I’ve ever had. There was a competition held by the local council to draw a map of Weymouth showing its history and development. In the dream my entry was an animated map that was more of a film that showed everything from the Roman occupation right up to the modern day – including the British civil war damage when the Royalists holed up in the town and fought the Parliamentarians (who occupied the northern half of the town) with cannon across the very tiny harbour… also the total annihilation of the southern half of the town during the WWII bombing raids… all the way up to the present day through the history of every single building that was ever built (and often destroyed) in the town, on one huge map – right up to the Olympic developments in 2012 when the town hosted the Olympic sailing events.

(Really when you consider it Weymouth has quite a violent and terrible history and is pretty lucky to still be around! LOL!)

So the idea stems from that dream (which itself was probably triggered by seeing the recent experiments with animated GIF images used in the challenges and the fact that I fell asleep listening to a medley of John Williams film music… again!)

This is the idea…

Draw a series of maps showing the passage of time with a standing camera pov.

This could be anything from a single house with a garden showing the seasonal changes, to a whole town showing the buildings appearing/falling into ruin over the years, or how a river changes course over time.

Because of the size of animated GIFs and upload limitations it couldn’t be anywhere near as huge a project as the one I embarked on in my dream, but I’m hoping that it isn’t too difficult to learn how to make animated GIFs… because…. well – I’d like to do it anyway 🙂

There’s just a simple ‘I’m in’ vote on this idea.

Guild City: INDEX

GUILD CITY COMMUNITY PROJECT – MAIN INDEX (with current city statistics)

Position (screen shot from Guildworld):

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Position.JPG 
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Size:	256.5 KB 
ID:	90856

Current Plan by J.Edward. (Proposed main roads, city walls and castle site added by Azelor):

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Guild city layout test copie.jpg 
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Size:	5.73 MB 
ID:	90855

Geology:…….Limestone karst, with underground rivers and sink hole lakes


Time Period:..Variable




Population:….Mixed humanoid, app. 25,000


Initially: To create Guild City as a virtual representation of the Guild itself, where the city represents the Guild and all its members as the inhabitants and visitors, and where aspects of the Guild are reflected or represented by buildings and place names. The multitudinous pieces of software we use might be seen as the superstore centres or market places…

Currently: Latterly there has been a gradual but momentous shift towards placing the city more in the context of its actual situation in the Guildworld map, such that the population is a cosmopolitan mix of the denizens of that world, and attack may come at any time from the west…

The main level will be surface, preferably top down view, with later details to be added including building plan links, dungeon levels, and ISO view illustrations.


For suggestions and amendments make a note on the Guild City thread and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank you 🙂

Attached Thumbnails

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Guild city layout test copie.jpg 
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Size:	5.73 MB 
ID:	90855

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Position.JPG 
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ID:	90856

Guild City

A very simple idea, with an enormous range of possible interpretations.

Before I came here the first time, Ladiestorm once described the Guild to me as being like a vast virtual city where all the artists and publishers lived and worked side by side with each other, and where all the available software apps were the shops in that city, with the forum as the centre piece – the great square, or the temple

Maybe we can map this enormous and beautiful city of cities together – any and all styles welcome – as is the truly cosmopolitan tradition of… ‘Guild City’

The poll is a head count of how many would like to either take part or watch this spectacle 🙂

Map a dastardly plan

Every dastardly plan needs a map. Whether it’s a building plan for a bank job or a castle map for a kidnapping attempt, or a city map showing the best getaway route after stealing three Mars Bars and a Curly Wurly from the local newsagent.

Map a voyage by water

I have seen a great many maps with beautiful oceans, lakes and rivers depicted in so many different styles and colours, but not very many where the water is the dominant feature of importance. The idea I have has two options:


Map a voyage by sea, lake or river, taken by a vessel of unspecified design (chose your own) with the option of mapping both or either the layout of the vessel and/or the ports where landing is made…


Map a water bound voyage between at least two ports, choosing the variables as follows using the traditional random generator (a pair of dice):

Dice 1: vessel

1 = coracle / canoe / raft / rowboat… or other very small one or two man vessel.
2 = fishing boat / dredging vessel / tug… or other type of commercial ‘working’ vessel.
3 = gunship / battleship / aircraft carrier… or other type of naval vessel
4 = submarine / amphibious land vehicle
5 = pleasure boat / cruiser / ocean liner (larger recreational / leisure craft)
6 = sailing vessel (any kind)

Dice 2: water body

1 = River
2 = Inland sea
3 = Ocean
4 = Canal
5 = Flooded area
6 = Reservoir

Please vote 🙂

Create a Map using “Stock” Layout

I have always thought it would be neat to see how people would "modify" flesh out an Existing Map.
I think it would be cool…If a Map of a Location was Supplied and then everyone..added the Props.

The Layout would remain the same in regards to the Walls.
Mapper would decide Doors, Windows, Room interiors..

Would you participate?

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