Today, way too many people are looking for the quick and easy route to success in mlm network marketing…and everything else in life. Here are the facts… there is no magic bullet!

In this article, I will disclose the most important lesson I have ever learned about having success in the mlm network marketing industry. We emphasize it as part of the training for our new business partners. It will hold true no matter what business you are in.

Whenever one of my business partners calls and asks me to share the most important message I can provide for their success in the business, my answer is always the same. Just show up!

I have outlined four important subjects that can have a huge impact on your success just by showing up:

Show up for all training. Training is a major key to our team’s success. If business partners don’t take advantage of it, they are missing a big opportunity. Take full advantage of all of the training your team and company provide. If you are not receiving adequate training, look elsewhere.

Show up for all conference calls and webinars. They are provided to keep you informed on everything important to your success. Make them part of your weekly routine. Most teams and companies will provide recordings of them to accommodate conflicts with work or family.

Show up for all company events. They create leaders. I’ve lost track of how many people in our industry had a major success breakthrough right after attending a company event. Plan on attending all annual conventions and local meetings.

And most importantly, show up and work your business. Whether you are full-time or part-time, seasoned veteran or just starting out, your business will not grow by itself. Building a successful mlm network marketing business is easy, but it is work. Everyone has to make an effort.

Fact is, I’ve never seen anyone follow this outline and not have success.

I am 100% convinced anyone can have success in mlm network marketing. Just show up!

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