Draw a map on Mars

This idea was inspired by two beautiful maps drawn by Ilanthar and Francissimo at the same time, and currently still in progress right now.

The idea is this: What if the CL who moderates the challenge were to choose a carefully selected area of Mars topography, and the participants were asked to draw a map on it. (not sure where to get the data from, or if any of it allows us to do this ‘en masse’ this way as part of a challenge?)

Providing we could find a source that allows us to use the data this way, it could be any kind of map – a dungeon, an underworld, a villge/town/city, a lush green living Mars map, a desert map of Earth as it would appear in a parallel universe where Earth had little or no water and no moon to protect it from the asteroids… anything you like 🙂

Please vote – yes or no. Thanks 😀

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