It may be nothing to Indian, if India doesn’t have the Indian Railways which effects much in keeping remaining the growth of economy. If not to say that it is the Indian Railways that has contributions for the country toward  the bullish future of the country with accomplishing the economic goals.


As we say that if the country is democratic, the citizens of the country should be taken on priority. So, let’s start from the benefits offered to a common man. Firstly, the long queues are now cut down from the struggling schedule of a person, which he adapts to find the best possible train and seat for himself.


With the availability of ‘online railway ticket booking’ option over the Indian railways website, innumerable individuals are finding a right and easy way to reach the destination through desired train and that too without getting indulged into the hassle of ‘confirmation and cancellation’.


If one is not satisfied with the single facility of online train ticket, then also he is having the option of being happy as the feature like Indian railways timetable is also present in over the website of IRCTC. With this option one can easily look at the train timings and platform information on one click only.


For the convenience, many individuals prefer to have a glimpse of the routes through which a lot of trains would be reaching their destinations. Hence, in order to cut the extra journey, masses are now relying over the facility of ‘Indian Railway Map’ which is also exhibited over the railway portal of the country.



Further, the railway travel for a lot of people in the country is also becoming comfortable with a lot of new trains coming in light. The recent one ‘ Duronto’ which was launched by the railway minister Mamta Banarjee, is helping out the masses for reaching the destination at super fast speed. However, this train differs from the other ones in the context of train fairs but, the scenario has seen many people fetching out some money to avail the advantages of quick trains.


Now coming to the benefits, this train is providing to the economy of the country. Well, we don’t have to explain this point with much explanation. One can easily understand that unlike Aviation industry of the country, the Indian railways is not open for the foreign investors which means that it doesn’t need it and is earning enough to offer a big support to the annual income of the country.


Hence, railways reservations and other services turning to be easy for an individual, one day Indian Railways would be making a mark in worldwide platform.


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