Inspirational Landscapes/Scenery (Paintings, Photomanips, and Renderings)

Pick a landscape/scenery painting, photomanip, or rendering that inspires you to create a map!

Example 1:
Cartographer #1 is inspired by FROSTBURN_cover art by albino-z and maps a battlemap of a snowy/winter castle or fortress, with the immediate surrounding area.

Example 2:
Cartographer #2 is also inspired by FROSTBURN_cover art by albino-z and maps a battlemap of interconnected snowy/winter ravines, with a blue, glowing, runic monument at the center.

Example 3:
Cartographer #3 is inspired by Organic valley by AndreeWallin and maps a regional map of tall, spiky mountains with winding rivers, surrounded by a desert with flaming yellow/orange sandstorms (or gasses).

Example 4:
Cartographer #4 is inspired by Tribe Environment Concept by bpsola and maps a "town & city" style map of an island/tropical/jungle village on stilts.

Example 5:
Cartographer #5 is inspired Highland Warriors by chvacher and maps a world map with various climate regions, each one including a massive monument that the inhabitants of each of those regions worship.

Example 6:
Cartographer #6 is inspired by Convocation by FerdinandLadera and maps a space/universe map of two identical planets (one of perpetual summer and one of perpetual winter), whose orbits collide once in a millennium, and the two planets merge into a shared "reality" for a short time period as they pass through each other.

In your initial post you must include:

1) A link to the painting/photomanip/rendering that inspired you.
2) What is was that inspired you, and how/what you plan to map.

Here’s a few deviantART categories where you can look for inspiration:

Digital Art > 3-Dimensional Art > Scenes
Digital Art > Drawings & Paintings > Landscapes & Scenery
Digital Art > Photomanipulation > Landscapes & Scenery
Traditional Art > Mixed Media > Landscapes & Scenery
Traditional Art > Paintings > Landscapes & Scenery

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