Map a kids imaginary place/world

Having a kid has changed a lot about how I see the world and reminding me how I used to see the world when I was driven more by imagination than bills and responsibilities. Even when gaming, I don’t think many of us adults can truly go back into that place where our imaginations used to take us when we were children. I have a 2 year old and seeing her face light up when she’s left to play with her toys or in the yard and starts to imagine her very own special place is pretty amazing and quite inspiring.

So I’d suggest a challenge where you map the fantasy world inside a kids imagination. It could be a fantasy imaginary take on a childs real place (like J.Edwards map of my yard), or a completely made up fantasy world where a child takes their toys during their playtime. Whatever comes to mind, as long as it has some child-like wonder.

Whatcha think?

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