Map a voyage by water

I have seen a great many maps with beautiful oceans, lakes and rivers depicted in so many different styles and colours, but not very many where the water is the dominant feature of importance. The idea I have has two options:


Map a voyage by sea, lake or river, taken by a vessel of unspecified design (chose your own) with the option of mapping both or either the layout of the vessel and/or the ports where landing is made…


Map a water bound voyage between at least two ports, choosing the variables as follows using the traditional random generator (a pair of dice):

Dice 1: vessel

1 = coracle / canoe / raft / rowboat… or other very small one or two man vessel.
2 = fishing boat / dredging vessel / tug… or other type of commercial ‘working’ vessel.
3 = gunship / battleship / aircraft carrier… or other type of naval vessel
4 = submarine / amphibious land vehicle
5 = pleasure boat / cruiser / ocean liner (larger recreational / leisure craft)
6 = sailing vessel (any kind)

Dice 2: water body

1 = River
2 = Inland sea
3 = Ocean
4 = Canal
5 = Flooded area
6 = Reservoir

Please vote 🙂

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