Hi everyone.

Have you ever ordered pizza, and the pizza guy was really late in delivering it to your door but you suspect he wasn’t telling you the truth about why he was late when you asked him?

Or how about when you are waiting for the Cable company to come and hook up the cable or internet to your house. They tell you they will be there around 9 A.M but don’t get there till sometime after 2 P.M? When you ask them they give you an answer you think is a lie?

Well, how about we map out what REALLY happened to these people. WHY was the pizza guy late? Why was the cable guy late?

Was it really just traffic?

Or did Dr.Who abduct them and take them on a space and time journey? Or did they get caught up in a travelling horde of wild-a-beasts that pushed them half way around the county before they could escape? Or maybe they got their hair caught in a hot air balloon and got drug fifty miles away before the balloon came down and they had to make their way back to your house?

So how about we map out what REALLY happened. What route did they take? What misfortunes befell them along the way?

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